Work order from Government to (1) improve market linkages (2) offer Part Truck Load transport on fixed schedule (3) credit profiling of exporters & agri buyers and offering trade finance & invoice discounting (4) accrediting agri service providers (5) pilot to forecast arrivals & future price of produce to reduce price disparity, is the product & market validation and capability of our integrated platform...

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Logistic Service


Agricultural buyers who may be importers, exporters, food processing companies, retailers, traders can create "BUY NOW" or "BUY LATER" enquiry. Farmers or traders can place "BIDS" on such. Buyer can confirm order and pay 100% of order value in platform escrow with own funds or avail trade finance. Krishi Trade takes responsibility for quality & transport and thus acts as collateral management agent to NBFC …

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Sellers can create "SELL NOW" or "SELL LATER" (right after sowing) enquiries. Buyers place "BIDS". Seller confirms and can avail invoice discounting. Service providers can help farmers in aggregating, bidding or creating enquiries and also offers sorting, grading, packaging, transport (per crate / PTL / FTL), warehousing, cold storage, farm inputs, implements on lease purchase, Global GAP, etc. optionally …

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